Crop Reports

Canada Crop Report - September 9, 2016

The past 2 weeks have been warm and dry with some rainfall occurring in many areas yesterday. The majority of the crop is beginning to mature and some areas may begin harvest as early as next week. West of London the majority of the crop is in good shape. Niagara region is still by far the worst region affected by drought and spider mites. Some fields have ripened prematurely and seed quality is an issue. Producers are busy scouting fields that had previous weed escapes to see if any action is required before harvest. Next week’s weather forecast calls for cooler and more seasonal temperatures with a few chances for rain.
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United States Crop Report - May 30, 2016

United States Crop Report May 30th, 2016

May 30th, 2016

United States: Soybean Crop Progress Report

The planting season began slowly in the East North Central region of the Midwest. The delay was due to consistent rains and cool temperatures putting the region behind other growing areas.

However, the past 7 days of warmth and sunshine allowed growers to largely finish planting soybeans with very good soil temperature and moisture.

Given the recent USDA Crop Progress report of May 23rd and the good weather were having this Memorial Day long weekend, I expect the vast majority of soybeans will have been planted by end of today, May 30th.

Heat Units are projected to continue to be plentiful in the near term allowing for the right conditions for successful emergence of the soybean.


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