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Trendsetter Whole Oats

Triple cleaned, clipped and polished, Trendsetter oats consist of an excellent white colour, a premier test weight, (47-49 lbs.) and are dust-free. Grades are hand-selected based on our customers’ need, and processed to the exact purity specified.

Supplied to some of the most recognized race facilities around the world, our Trendsetter premium brand of race horse oats meets the needs of our most astute customers, and is well known for its exponential quality.

Trendsetter Steam Crimped

Our best whole oats, (Trendsetter) are used in a process whereby they are heated to 210 degrees F and then crimped to markedly improve their digestibility.

Nutritionally the oat remains the same but the process may improve the animal ability to utilize the nutrients by up to 10%. More importantly it renders the oats more palatable and the starch becomes easier to digest for young foals, older horses or horses with dental problems.

Classic Whole Oats

Our classic brand represents a benchmark standard in the industry. It is high quality oats at an excellent value. They are triple cleaned, clipped and polished, and follow the same process as the Trendsetter variety using only a #2 Canadian western oat.

Premium Steam Crimped

A sister to the Trendsetter Steam Crimped, we follow the same manufacturing process only using our Classic whole oats.

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