Looking Ahead

We’re introducing a new brand identity for a new generation

Huron Commodities Inc. is preparing the ground for the future growth of our company. You will soon see a new look on this website, representing a renewed vision of our products and services.

We are “Huron,” plain and simple

As our new branding rolls out, our operating identity will shift from “Huron Commodities” to simply “Huron.” Our founder, Martin VanderLoo, explains:

“Our company has always done many of the things that a commodities broker does. But we have never really run a ‘commodity’ type of business. Everything we do is custom.”

“Creating partnerships for healthy food & feed”

Our vision: Huron builds unique supply chain partnerships that provide safe and healthy farm products for our global customers. We are a leading global provider of custom-sourced grains, beans and seed products to meet specialized buyer needs.

Focus on stewardship

According to Adam VanderLoo, Huron’s Business Development Manager, “This design moves our identity from a ‘commodity’ image to one of stewardship for all our stakeholders.”

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