Small Grains

Small Grain Feed and Food Crops

Our premium grain varieties extend to a full selection of quality-processed oats, barley, rye and flax processed for a variety of feed and food applications.

 “Trendsetter” White Variety Oats have excellent test weight and are triple-cleaned. A food grade dust suppressant is applied before packaging to assist in finishing with a dust-free product.

“Trendsetter” Steam-Crimped Oats are graded by hand with an excellent white colour, dust-free and premier test weight. Our “Classic” brand sets an industry benchmark standard for high quality at an excellent value using only a #2 Canadian Western Oats.

Huron Flaked Barley begins with plump, heavy test-weight barley, which we process by heating to 210o F (99o C), then pass the product through rollers to crack the hull and produce a more digestible grain. Huron can also, on request, offer barley in whole, crimped and pearled forms.

Huron Rye Seed uses only premium Ontario-grown rye that is cleaned and bagged to the standards of the Canadian Seed Institute. Selected for its vigor and purity, our rye seed is to be clear tagged for the Eastern US States. Additional crops from Huron are supplied to distillers as the premium ingredient for producing Canadian Rye Whiskey.

Canadian Flaxseed from Huron is a high quality product grown for human consumption and animal feed markets around the world. All of our flaxseed is grown in Canada and processed through a HACCP and FDA approved facility that is 100% dedicated to flaxseed. Huron can provide golden or brown flaxseed in whole or milled format. The food grade product has a purity of 99.95% and for those interested in feed grade, we can guarantee 98% purity. Typical customers are food manufacturers and/1or distributors as well as animal feed companies looking for only the best ingredients in animal nutrition. All of our flaxseed is non-GMO and available by container or truck, in bulk, totes, bags and small canisters depending on preference.