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OAC Huron

OAC Huron was developed by University of Guelph for the export food grade market. This variety is a good yielding, very high protein variety which does well in all soil types. Heat Unit rating is 2900. 2007 was the first year for commercial production. Asian buyers have a keen interest in this variety as it works well for tofu production. The company hopes to expand the production of this variety in the coming years.

OAC Marvel (SCN)

A new and exciting addition to the Huron Commodities line-up. Developed by the University of Guelph, the OAC Marvel is an SCN resistant, high-yielding, Non-GMO soybean. Adapted well to all soil types, 2011 will mark the second commercial production year for this 3050 CHU bean. The high-protein and large seed size of this white hilum variety will no doubt be well accepted by Asian buyers.

AC Chikala - Natto

Well adapted to all soil types, this 2650 CHU soybean is one of the highest yeilding Natto varieties in Ontario. 2011 will mark the fourth year of commercial production.

HCI 751 (United States)

The high quality of the clear hilum HCI751 soybean, combined with a strong, established, and experienced food grade grower base has helped to increase HCI751 usage in Food Grade applications both in and outside the USA for the past 3 commercial growing seasons. HCI751 is rated at a 44% dry base protein bean but 2010 crop protein data showed an average of 45.2% across all growing areas with none below 44%. Consistent Protein and higher than average NSI ratings (94+) make this bean a very efficient producer for tofu and soymilk at a great value, thus contributing to its continued market expansion worldwide.

Commercial IP Soybeans

We specialize in food grade, identity preserved beans for export shipment. We take great pride in matching our clients needs with an appropriate soybean for their use. We specialize in high protein, large grain beans that are of high demand in the Asian marketplace.