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Huron Brand Alfalfa Cubes

Huron Brand Alfalfa Cubes are highly digestible and a much more efficient source of protein, minerals and vitamins than even the best quality hay. Easy to store, easy to handle Huron Brand forage cubes deliver the same high quality nutrition & taste all year long! GUARANTEED ANALYSIS : CRUDE PROTEIN (min) 15.0%, CRUDE FAT (min) 1.8%, CRUDE FIBER (max) 30.0%, MOISTURE (max) 12.0%.

Huron Brand Timothy-Alfalfa Cubes

Huron Brand cubes has more for your horse. Timothy-Alfalfa cubes are made from premium, pre-bloom alfalfa and digestible, early bloom timothy, the classic blend preferred by horsemen - and horses - throughout time. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: CRUDE PROTEIN (min) 12.0%, CRUDE FAT (min) 1.8%, CRUDE FIBER (max) 30.0%, MOISTURE (max) 12.0%.

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Product can be fed as the sole source of forage or fed in combination with hay. As a sole source of forage, product should be fed at a rate of 1.25% - 2.00% of body weight depending on individual horse activities. Recommended that cubes be fed at least twice daily. DO NOT free feed this product. Horses that bolt their food or senior horses with chewing problems, we suggest soaking the cubes before feeding. Always have a fresh clean unlimited supply of water available at all times. Introduce feed changes gradually over 7 – 10 days. Product must be kept dry to prevent spoilage. For more detailed feeding information please contact