New Logo For Huron Commodities Inc. Puts Brand Focus On Stewardship

New Logo For Huron Commodities Inc. Puts Brand Focus On Stewardship

Clinton, ON – As the founders of Huron Commodities Inc., Martin and Ellen VanderLoo were ready to start handing the reins to their son Adam and daughter Alicia, already very active in the company.

Martin explains, “Our Company has always done many of the things that a commodities broker does. But we have never really run a ‘commodity’ type of business. Everything we do is custom.”

Huron specializes in meeting custom needs in the food and feed industries with farm-to-user solutions. Now, the firm has introduced a new logo and brand image that reflects its unique place in the world of agriculture.

With customers in Asia, Europe and North America, Huron also works directly with Ontario growers and seed scientists to build unique supply chain partnerships, cultivating the relationships and processes that lead to safe and healthy farm products. From its offices in Clinton, Ontario, Huron’s team matches grain and bean farmers with the processors and marketers of agricultural products, then shepherds the delivery of the goods through every step, from growing to harvest, storage, processing, packaging and shipping.

Unveiling the new Huron logo, Adam VanderLoo said, “This design moves our identity from a ‘commodity’ image to one of stewardship for all our stakeholders. The central figure represents our team reaching out to bridge person-to-person connections and to care for the products we represent.” The range of the company’s product focus, from soybeans and oilseeds to oats and forage, is also depicted in the logo.

Alicia Oesch notes that the new brand image will help with Huron’s internal communications as well. “Up to now, one of the hardest things for us to do in the office was to explain what we actually do to new staff! Everything is so specialized and so varied, it’s been hard to present a clear picture of our mission. The exercise of defining the Huron brand that’s behind the new logo led us to clarify our story. It’s about our values more than our specific operations.”

The scope of Huron’s business is further reflected in the naming of the company in its marketing programs. “We’re simply ‘Huron’ now,” explains Adam. “Commodities is out. It’s just not who we

are. The new brand allows us the flexibility to focus on actual customer needs as ‘Huron Forage Products’, for example, or as ‘Huron IP Soybeans’ – whatever is most meaningful to a prospective partnership.”

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